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Year In Review

2001 was an interesting year for me...  one that I will not soon forget, that's for sure.  Cancer treatments, sleep apnea surgery, a 6 month "vacation", losing my job at the nuclear power plant, starting my new job, three new Toyotas, getting to play in a TV studio, having Sheri start college, getting a cell phone...  THAT's a pretty big year!
Here are a few photo highlights:
Jim after undergoing chemotherapy Well, if I only had one photo to summarize 2001...  this would be it!  I've been known for bad hair cuts over the years, but this was a bit extreme.
Seriously, beating cancer in 2001 was a pretty big deal.  Chemotherapy was something I won't soon forget!  Thank goodness they caught my tumor so early that it didn't take much of a battle to treat.  I have a friend that recently died from cancer after going through YEARS of chemo, so by comparison my little ordeal was nothing.
And, hey, I learned to love hats in 2001.
Kel with Highlander and Sienna We've always had an appreciation for nice vehicles in our family and this year we took it to a new level.
We decided to replace two of our older cars with new Toyotas...  plus Sheri also bought a new Toyota this year...  so that makes three for the Zim family in 2001.  Here's Kellyn posing with her new Highlander SUV, and my Sienna minivan in the background.
Jeff in the studio Jeff had a very fun year getting a lot of experience in video production at the local cable TV public access studio.  He spent practically the whole summer there (and just about every weekend) and has made quite a name for himself.  While other kids his age are playing sports, sitting in front of the TV, or chasing girls...  Jeff is totally focused on his work in the studio.
When I was off work during my cancer treatments, it was a thrill for me to get to work with him as a father-son control room team on one of the weekly shows.
Sheri in Cal Poly sweatshirt Sheri graduated from high school in June and started college at Cal Poly in the fall.  She's living at home and commuting to school each day in her new Toyota Corolla.  She also quit her job "in the fast food industry" and took a new job making fundraising calls for the University.
Sheri really wants to major in forensic science, which they don't offer
at Cal Poly, so she is trying to figure out ways to go to "a real college" in the future.
Her high school boyfriend is going to school in New York, but they have managed to stay together thanks to the telephone and the computer.
Jim and Kellyn and Abby Kellyn and I had our 20th wedding anniversary in 2001.  The timing (during my cancer treatments) didn't allow us to do anything major to celebrate...  we would have loved to have gone on a Carnival cruise...  but maybe some other time? 
Kellyn took very good care of me during my cancer ordeal and really stood behind that "in sickness and in health" vow! 
We continue to raise Cocker Spaniels and hope to have several litters of puppies in 2002.  (Here we are with Abby, our newest cocker.) Kellyn is also a major fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  We made it to Dodger Stadium for one game last year and hope to do it again in 2002.
Well... that's my year in review!  It was a pretty interesting year.

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