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We're the Zimmerlin family from Grover Beach, California.
A July 2007 photo of the Zim family
from left to right:
Jeff Zimmerlin, Jim Zimmerlin, Kellyn Zimmerlin, Jason & Sheri Barrett

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Jim Zim Jim Zimmerlin
It's Jim's life story...  including the disk jockey years, the fun summer days on the farm, life at a nuclear power plant, and how he didn't let a little thing like Lymphoma worry him too much.

Kellyn Zimmerlin
This is the place to find out about Mrs. Zim...  certainly the most photogenic member of the family!  Find out about her new career, and see lots of pictures of her through the years.

Sheri and Jeff

Our Kids
Meet the Zim kids:  25-year-old Sheri and 23-year-old Jeff.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, if you know what I mean! 

The five Zim Family Cockers

Our Cocker Spaniels
Tons of pictures!  We love Cockers, and we're sure you'll see the attraction when you see these adorable creatures!  Check out some of the adorable puppies we've bred, and find out what sets us apart from your average Cocker Spaniel breeder.

Our home in Grover Beach

Pictures from our neck of the woods
Take a look at our house, see some amazing photos I took at work, and enjoy the beautiful scenery from our little slice of paradise.   Enjoy some of our digital pictures from Grover Beach, California and the San Luis Obispo county area.

Audio & Video Clips
A certain member of the family has had WAY more than his 15 minutes of fame!  Check out a few multimedia clips that prove that Jim is definitely not shy...  including his phone call with Kathie Lee Gifford and a tape from his fun days as a radio announcer.

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