Parti Color American Cocker Spaniels
(and the people who love them)

I've published a Cocker photo book with over 160 great Cocker Spaniel pictures.
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If you admire my Cocker Spaniel photos...  you'll love my book!

Parti Color Cocker Spaniel photo book

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If you've been a fan of my web site over the years, you've probably noticed that I've taken a lot of great Cocker photos.

red and white parti Cocker Spaniel Photo of Cocker Spaniel puppies for use as a desktop background image high resolution American Cocker Spaniel photo red & white Cocker Spaniel puppy one week old Cocker Spaniel picture Photo taken using Canon 100-400mm zoom lens
Cocker Spaniel puppies on a bench

After a while...  I finally figured out that between all the great Cocker photos I've shot over the years, I had the basis for a pretty good "coffee table book".  But how could I convince a publishing company to take the financial risk of printing a book that would only appeal to a few serious Cocker Spaniel fanatics?  Well, thanks to new print-on-demand technology in the book publishing industry...  I didn't have to.  All I had to do was design the book on my computer, and upload it to the publishing company.  It's no risk to them, because they only print a copy if someone orders one.  So, it doesn't matter if the book ever becomes popular or not!  You can preview it online for free, and if you like it and want a real hard copy of your own...  you can put in an order and they'll print you one.  Or, download a copy to your iPad or iPhone for just $2.99!

During the summer of 2009, I finally took the time to sort through all of my photos and to identify the ones I'm most proud of.  I came up with over 160 pictures, and laid them out in to a 100-page photo book.  The trickiest part was coming up with a good title!  Because I only breed parti color Cockers...  there were lots of great photos of parti colored Cockers, and almost none of solid color dogs.  So, it seemed to make sense that the title should indicate that this was a book about not just Cockers, but quite specifically about parti colored ones.  Also, something I noticed in looking over all the photos was that there were quite a few cute shots of pretty girls with Cockers...

And that's how I came up with the title for the book...  Parti Color American Cocker Spaniels (and the people who love them).  I admit, it's not the catchiest title that rolls right off the tongue...  but The World Of The Cocker Spaniel was already taken!  Feel free to just call it "Jim's coffee table book" or "the Cocker photo book", if you'd like.

Before I go any further, here's a short video of me introducing the book...

(just click on it, to bring up the introductory video on YouTube)

In case you did not play the video, I'd like to just repeat something from my introduction of the book:  if you're looking for a book of Cocker information, or training tips, or the history of the breed...  this is not the book for you!  This is a book of pictures...  something beautiful that you can put out on your coffee table, and when guests come over they can flip through it and you can say "I know the guy that wrote that book!"

Well, enough talk about the book.  Would you like to just take a look at it for yourself?  You can actually preview the first 15 pages of the book for free.  Just click here to go over to the web site of the company that publishes the book.  Using their "preview book" feature, you can take a look and decide for yourself if you'd like to buy a real hard copy of it.  If you do, you can order it right there at the publisher's site.  Another option is to download a copy of the entire book to your iPad...  for just $2.99

So, once again, to order a hard copy of the book...  or to simply preview the book online...  or to download your own copy for your iPad or iPhone...  head on over to this page at the publisher's web site.

I hope you enjoy the book!

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