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Before you send me an email, I just want to make sure you understand a few things:

My wife and I retired from breeding Cockers in 2010.  So, it's a waste of time to write to me about getting a puppy from one of our upcoming litters...  as there are no upcoming litters, and there won't be any!  We just have one very spoiled Cocker Spaniel at our house these days, and she will not be bred.

If you're looking for the answer to some Cocker Spaniel question, have you read my frequently asked questions page?  It's got the answers to all the most common Cocker questions that I've received over the years.

It has now been quite a few years since we retired from Cocker breeding and to be totally honest, both my wife and I have moved on to other interests.  The only reason I haven't simply deleted this web site from the Internet is that I want people to still be able to find the instructions on how to treat and prevent ear infections in Cockers, and the instructions on how to groom a Cocker Spaniel.

Please don't get me wrong...  it's OK to contact me if you need to!  You can write to me at james.zimmerlin@gmail.com.  But I get a LOT of mail every day, and it gets a little frustrating when I can tell from some of the questions that there are people who are emailing first, and then reading the web site second.  Explore my web site first, especially the frequently asked questions list, before you email me, OK?


Jim Zim

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