Joanna's First
Litter Of Puppies

Pictures from Joanna's litter of puppies
born during the summer of 2006

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of the pups in this litter have gone to new homes already.

Joanna's first litter of puppies were born on July 16, 2006, and went to their new homes in mid September.
Here are some of the best photos I took of them during the 9 weeks they were here:

I got this shot of  Hudson and Madison on our last day together.  They were 9 weeks old here.


Madison is a sweet little girl, and I bet her new owners will spoil her!


Malia is the rowdiest of the pups.  If there's wrestling, she is usually involved.


 Hudson rarely sits still like this


Not my best photo of Toby.  You win a few and you lose a few!


 Hudson, showing more and more freckles.  His back is covered with them!


I think this photo of Madison makes her look way older than she really is


All four of the pups with Natalie, the neighbor girl


Toby and Natalie with the flag, in honor of the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks


At almost eight weeks old, it's an understatement to describe the pups as "playful"


Toby's eye color is changing.  Within a month or two they won't be blue, I think.


I've only got about 50 great pictures of  Hudson so far!


I'm really looking forward to seeing what Malia looks like about six months from now


I like the big white blaze that runs down the middle of the head on all three red & white pups


The expression on Malia's face makes sense when you realize that Madison was biting her ear!


 Hudson is one of the best looking pups we've ever had


Malia's markings are very interesting, and so similar to our girl, Reese!


Madison has a very mellow personality, and I think her new owners are going to be delighted with her


I caught a goofy expression on Toby's face in this picture



I enlisted some help in trying to pose the whole litter for a picture in the wagon


 Hudson really is as gorgeous as his pictures


Toby has beautiful blue eyes


We're working on getting the pups interested in tennis balls


I'd have to say that this may just be the best picture I've taken so far this litter.
Toby...  at six and a half weeks old.


Madison liked the wagon, too.  The axle makes a good chin rest!


All three of the red & white pups getting cozy in Kellyn's arms.


Madison looks very serious here!  She's actually fairly mellow for a pup this age.


Toby is easy to identify since his nose is brown, not black


The pigment on  Hudson's nose has almost completely filled in


Malia got all of her nose pigment quite a bit earlier than the other pups


This is only a portion of my collection of pictures of Joanna's puppies.
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