Say Hello To Meg

This sable & white parti girl was the pick-of-the-litter
from Joanna's 2008 batch of puppies

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 A photo of Meg at nine months old
A June 2009 photo of Meg at nine months old

Meg was the pick of the litter out of Joanna's 2008 litter of puppies.  The moment she was born, we knew we'd be keeping her...  she was the first sable & white pup we had ever had in any of our litters.  As soon as we saw her, we said "that's Meg"...  as we had been hoping for a puppy just like her, and already had a name picked out.

Meg was one of the biggest and strongest puppies in the litter, and from a very early age was the most interested in people.  When the puppies would first see me, Meg was consistently the first pup to jump up out of her bed and run to me to say hello.  In the history of our breeding program, she is only the third puppy we've ever kept from one of our litters.  (The first was Morgan, the second was Dodger.)

Meg's registered name with the AKC is "Zim's Magnificent Megawatt"...  with megawatt being a reference to my job in the nuclear power industry.  She was born on September 9th, 2008.


Here are three photos of Meg with her siblings:

We give temporary names to each of our puppies as soon as they are born.  With this litter, we used a spice theme:  Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rosemary, etc.  Therefore, this litter is often referred to as "The Spice Pups".  Here's a short video of The Spice Pups at 17 days old, with background music by The Spice Girls...

click on the picture to download the video
(approximately 4 megabytes)

If you enjoyed that video and would like to see more, try this video demonstrating one technique I sometimes use to exercise young puppies, or this video which shows one of our adult dogs playing with Meg and her siblings.

Meg (at 6 months old) takes a nap in my lap after playing at the dog park
Photo by Tom Robison


Meg, a sable parti Cocker
Looking more mature, and less like a puppy, at seven months old


Meg, a four month old sable parti Cocker
Four months old


A November 2008 photo of Meg
This was before she learned to jump through the tire in our back yard!


At Seven Months Old She Had Mastered It
Retrieving a squeaky shoe toy, too!


Meg (at ten weeks old) has always loved to harass her mother
and Joanna has always been good about accepting the abuse!


Tug-o-War with her sister, Angel
taken a few days after Angel had surgery to correct a cleft lip and palate


Another photo of Meg and Angel
The cone was off Angel, but if you look closely you can still see stitches


Meg at six weeks old
Meg at six weeks old


A photo of Meg at one month old


Meg at four weeks old
Four weeks old in this picture


Meg at three weeks old
Meg looking quite alert for just three weeks old


closeup photo of sable parti Cocker puppy
This photo at three weeks old shows you how we know Meg is a sable Cocker:
darker black hairs mixed in with the lighter brown hairs.


Four day old Cocker Spaniel puppies
"Top O' The Heap!" at four days old


In a lot of the pictures I've shot of Meg, it seems like she's giving attitude to the photographer!
Here are a few examples...

26 days old in this picture

A November 2008 photo of Meg

Meg at 11 weeks old

The plan for Meg was that she would someday become part of our breeding program, if she passed OFA and CERF testing after she turned two year old.  But by the time Meg reached her first birthday, it had already become clear to us that she didn't have "the right stuff" to pass along to a new generation of puppies.  Meg grew up to be a somewhat shy and timid dog...  with a tendency to pee when nervous or scared.  This is something that we just hate to see in Cockers, and we felt it would absolutely be the wrong thing to do to breed a Cocker with these issues.  So, just before Meg's first birthday, we had her spayed.  Meg is now a very spoiled Cocker in a one-dog home...  living with Alice Soria in Huntington Beach.

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