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Pictures sent to us by the new
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One of the nice fringe benefits of breeding puppies is that the new owners frequently send us cute pictures of their dogs as they grow up.  Here are some of the pictures that have been sent to us of the puppies from our November 2004 litter...

Molly at 4 months old


The owners of the pup formerly known as Maddie are Hawaiian,
and have named their puppy KumiKuuleialoha, or Kumi for short.


Freckles taking a nap


Freckles can't resist checking out the dishwasher


Molly and her new Cocker family, Jack & Lacey.


Molly licking the reflection of her own face in the trash can at her new home.


Sara's new owners took this picture of her getting settled in at her new home


Another picture of Sara.  Just like her mom, she loves those tennis balls.

Chloe at her new home
One of Chloe's new owners dressed up as Santa for this picture.
The older chocolate Cocker is Chloe's new best friend, Bailey.

Keep checking this page over the next few months for more pictures of the pups at their new homes.

Of course, Abby's 2004 litter was not our first litter of puppies.  (Or Abby's, for that matter!)  Here are pictures that have been sent to us by owners of some of the pups from our previous litters...

A puppy from Abby and TannerLet's start with a picture of Max...  he's the son of our girl, Abby...  and he looks so much like his mom it's incredible!

Max lives with Julie Wright and her family in Moraga, California...  just a few miles from where I lived when I was a kid.  Julie made the four hour drive all the way down here with Max so he could be part of our puppy reunion last August.  It was great to see him again.

I guess Julie doesn't have a digital camera yet, because she sent me actual Kodak prints of several good pictures she took of Max.  The picture you see here is a scan of one of my favorites.

Julie says her family has been having SO much fun with Max, and that he is quite a character.  He gets along well with Rocky, their older buff Cocker.

One of the cutest Cocker puppies we have bredNext I am pleased to share two pictures of Misty, a chocolate & white pup out of our girl, Lady.  We regard Misty as the beauty queen of the family...  from the day she was born she was the one we were always taking pictures of because of her beautiful markings.  She's definitely one of the best looking pups we've ever bred, and she's got a great temperament to go with those good looks, too.

Cocker puppy kissing a baby Misty's owner, Sylvia Vieira, has a digital camera and is great about sending us frequent photos.  These are two of our favorites.

In the picture on the left, that's Misty getting up close and personal with Sylvia's great-grand-niece, Aurora, who was 16 months old at the time.  In the picture above/right, Sylvia beat me at my own game...  getting a better Radio Flyer wagon picture than I ever have!  The cute little girl in the wagon is Diana, the grand-daughter of one of Sylvia's neighbors.

These chocolate and white Cockers are brothers

Next...  we'd like you to meet two of Misty's brothers.  That's Rocky on the left and Dusty on the right.  Mrs. Zim had to hand feed Rocky from a bottle for the first few weeks of his life because he was born so small and weak.

But Rocky has gone from being the runt to being the big dog to reckon with...  he's grown up to be one of the biggest dogs we've ever bred.

I always laugh when people say they are interested in a runt because they want a smaller dog...  what size the puppy is during the first few weeks has little bearing on what size he will be as an adult.  One look at this 35 pound "runt" pretty much demonstrates that!

A March 2005 photo of Rocky & Dusty.
They live in Redondo Beach, California.

ChloePenny LaneHere are two other great pictures we received recently...

On the left, it's Chloe... daughter of our girl, Abby, and sister to our girl, Morgan.  Chloe lives with Bob Aliamus in San Mateo...  who reports that Chloe's favorite thing to do is to sit on his lap after dinner and take a nice nap while Bob watches TV.

On the right, it's Penny Lane, another one of our chocolate & white puppies...  full sister to Rocky, Dusty, and Misty pictured above.  Penny Lane belongs to Roger & Christine Jordan of Danville.  She was the smallest in her litter, but that didn't last long!  She now weighs in at around 30 pounds.  By the way, here's an obscure trivia fact for you about Penny Lane and Chloe...  Chloe's "dad", Bob, retired after 30 years with PG&E, Penny's "dad", Roger, is an engineer with PG&E, and I've been working for PG&E since 1992.

Cassie is a puppy out of Lady and Jake Another puppy out of Lady and JakeTwo more pictures of chocolate & white pups for you...

Jenny Mathis was kind enough to send me the the picture on the left.  It's a picture of her girl, Cassidy.

Cassie lives in San Luis Obispo, where each year they have a big Mardi Gras parade downtown.  She didn't actually get to be in the parade or even watch it, but Jenny and Steve did bring her back a few goodies...  as you can see in the picture.

On the right, it's "Zim's Lil' Lady"...  generally known at Marie & Don Ferguson's house in Danville simply as Lady.  Marie and I had a great chat on the phone recently, and she is totally delighted with the way Lady has turned out.

A son of Jake While we generally deal with only parti colors here at the Zim house, we can take a little credit for this handsome solid chocolate boy.

Meet Toby!  His father is our recently retired chocolate & white stud, Jake.  Out of all the litters we've been a part of over the years, Toby is the only solid chocolate we've ever produced. 

You see, Toby is a full brother to the unusual brown merle puppy pictured on our merle page.  His mother is a black merle.  When you breed a merle to a non-merle (like Jake) you tend to get a half litter of merles and a half litter of non-merles.  Toby is from the non-merle half of the litter.  He got his dad's chocolate coloring, but in a solid coat instead of a parti colored one.  Isn't he gorgeous?!?

Toby's owners are Lindsey and George Masterson...  who live up in the Monterey area.  They have been very nice about sending me pictures of Toby, and I always get a kick out of seeing them since Toby's coloring is so spectacular.  If they ever make it down to this area, I'm hoping to meet this gorgeous chocolate boy in person some day!

You can see a picture of Toby (and all his siblings) nursing when they were only a few days old over on my new merle page.

Abby with two of her puppies all grown upMorgan's brother, Ferris, lives only about a mile from us...  so he gets to come over for a visit from time to time.

That's Morgan on the right...  her mother, Abby, in the center...  and Morgan's brother, Ferris, on the left.

Notice the strong family resemblance?!?  It's funny that mom is the smallest of the three.  She's a petite little thing.

The kids in the picture are Jillian and Chris from Ferris' family.  I can't get my kids to pose for pictures anymore!

Oreo With Whats His Name Oreo with a bowl of ice
Owners:  Kathy & Chuck Reyes -- Ventura, California

Chuck & Kathy bought a digital camera around the time Oreo came in to their lives...  but found it a little tricky to master.  Finally, after going months without seeing a picture of Oreo from their digital camera, Kathy finally raised the white flag and resorted to sending me prints from her 35mm camera instead.  I think she did well...  looks like she captured the spirit of the ol' guy, and Oreo doesn't look bad either!  (ha ha ha, couldn't resist that one, Chuck.)

Kathy says that Oreo wants to be the center of attention, and that he manages to get his wish most of the time.  His personality ranges all the way from "Mr. Sweet and Wonderful" to "The Devil Himself".  When he gets in one of those devilish moods, Kathy's favorite trick is to turn out all the lights and to lay still until Oreo calms down and goes to sleep.

Kathy visits our web site frequently to catch all the latest pictures...  and when I post a particularly good one she even sends me nice little notes! 

Moose and John howling
"The Big Moose"
Owners:  John & Marsha Short -- Visalia, California

The Big Moose keeps the Shorts very entertained...  , one day he howled along with the National Anthem on TV.  Since then, John has learned that all he has to do is howl, and The Big Moose will howl along!  You can see them playing this game in the picture on the left.  Another funny stunt is the way he barks at the vacuum cleaner.

John and Marsha  joked that they should have named him CUJO because when he was a puppy he sank his teeth in to everything in sight.

Life got even more interesting for The Big Moose in 2003 because John and Marsha got a second Cocker puppy from us.  The two hit it off pretty well from the start, too.

Tucker chewing a branch Tucker investigates the chickens
Owners:  Joe & Marie Springer -- Sierra Madre, California

Tucker loves exploring things in the yard...  especially the chicken coop!  You'd think he would give the chickens a lot of trouble -- and maybe he will when he gets bigger -- but at this point he has been very well behaved with them.  Joe bought a new Canon Powershot G2 digital camera about the same time that Tucker joined the family, and says there has been quite a learning curve after being used to shooting 35mm film for years.  It looks to us like he's getting the hang of it pretty well!

In his own words, here is what Joe had to say about his new puppy:

Tucker amazes us because he arrived SO much more prepared for life in a new house with a fussy mother than I could have ever imagined.  Do you consciously work on potty training, for instance?  He makes an occasional mistake, but its often because we weren't attentive enough to see him telling us he had a need.  He's also so much smarter than I remember any dog having been.  FAST learner.  Great pet.  Excellent people dog.  An instant fully participating member of the family.

Bailey playing with a toy Bailey posing for the camera
Owners:  The Garvella Family -- Rocklin, California

Bailey has been having fun with the Garvella kids, and Janelle describes Bailey as a "delight".  She is a HUGE hit at the ball parks where tons of kids come over to love her up as the Garvella kids play ball.  She sleeps between Janelle and Mark at night and in the morning she wakes them up by "petting" them with her paw.

Bailey may still be little, but she thinks and acts tough...  she barks up a storm at the neighbor's two Great Danes.  She ferociously attacked Kyle's baseball hat one day after stalking it and barking at it for a good four minutes!

Unfortunately, Bailey won't be posing for pictures for a few weeks because she managed to have a second go-round with cherry eye.  While she was still living at our house she had surgery to repair cherry eye in one eye, and now she's developed it in the other...  the only one of the pups to have this happen.

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