Information about the puppy reunion
which was held in late June 2007

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Once or twice each year, we have a little party we call Pupapalooza.  It's a weekend long event that celebrates Cocker Spaniels and their owners.  We time these Pupapalooza parties to coincide with our litters of puppies...  so that all of our out-of-town friends can come meet our puppies just before the pups go to their new homes.  The most recent Pupapalooza was held from June 30th through July 1st, 2007...  and was both a celebration of Morgan's puppies and a reunion of many of our puppies from previous litters, including Reese's puppies from earlier this year.

Here are a few of the best pictures that people took at Pupapalooza:

Carol Patterson let me borrow her camera for a minute, and I snapped this picture of the first few people to arrive at our 10 AM "meet-and-greet" with the puppies on our front lawn.


That's me with Pipa.  A lot of people were very excited to meet her!  I was wearing a "Pack Leader" hat and sweatshirt given to me by the new owners of one of our puppies.  Another one of the new puppy owners brought me those beautiful petunias in the hanging basket.  The gifts were amazing...  Becky Hall spent hundreds of dollars on gifts for each of the nine new puppy owners!  Talk about a weekend that really makes you feel good!
Photo by Amy Reynolds


The meet-and-greet events on our lawn are fun for everyone, because they all get to snuggle with our puppies.  This is Jessie, one of the two red & white females in the litter.
Photo by Amy Reynolds


It's a lot of fun for everyone to see some of the puppies from our previous litters.  This is Addison, from our February litter, looking very grown up at four months old.
Photo by Amy Reynolds


On the left, Captain Jack Spaniel, from our February litter...  and on the right, it's Sophie from the current litter.  Look how much growth happens in just two months!
Photo by Amy Reynolds


Later in the day, we all headed to the beach to enjoy some play time off-leash.  Here's Captain Jack Spaniel again, with his "mom", Julia.
Photo by Amy Reynolds


There had been a shark sighted near the pier a few days earlier, so the authorities asked everyone to stay out of the water, just to be safe.  The weather was so wonderful that a lot of people (and Cockers) couldn't resist at least getting their feet wet!


On Friday night, we had a pizza party at conference room of the Spyglass Inn.  With so many people and such great weather, we spilled out in to the parking lot!  Look at all the Cockers staring at the little Schnauzer...  a special guest!
Photo by Amy Reynolds


This was our second Pupapalooza of 2007.  Click here to see pictures from the first one!

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