Pictures from
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which was held on September 16th

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Once or twice each year, we have a little party we call Pupapalooza.  It's a weekend long event that celebrates Cocker Spaniels and their owners.  We time these Pupapalooza parties to coincide with our litters of puppies...  so that all of our out-of-town friends can come meet our puppies just before the pups go to their new homes.  Here are pictures of the Pupapalooza that was held over the weekend of September 16, 2006...

Photo by Sharin Greenleaf

Many of our out-of-town guests spend the weekend at the Spyglass Inn in Shell Beach, a dog-friendly hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean.   So, the weekend fun usually kicks off on Friday afternoon as everyone checks in to the hotel...  and the dogs all get to meet and check each other out. 


Photo by Sharin Greenleaf

The Spyglass Inn has a great little conference room where we had a pizza party on Friday night.  All the pizza you can eat, with Cockers at your feet!  That's my idea of fun.  It's the only indoor event of the weekend.  In the photo above, you see Sharon Stevens, with her Zim dog, Peri, who came from our January 2006 litter.

One of our forum members, my friend Carol Patterson, is a professional photographer.  She set up a little photo studio in one corner of the room during the pizza party, and took beautiful photos of many of the dogs.

Photo by Sharin Greenleaf

Check out Carol's photos from her pizza party photo shoot here, and check out her other Pupapalooza photos here!


Photo by Daryll Gettelman

On Saturday morning, everyone was invited to come over to our house to meet Joanna's puppies.  As it was still a little early and there was still some dew on the lawn, we set up a pen on the driveway.  In the photo above, you can see the Puppycam on a tripod on the roof...  it allowed people who were not able to attend to enjoy the fun, too.


Photo by Sandy Silveira

On Saturday afternoon, it was the main event...  at the beach at Port San Luis.  This is the most fun part, because everyone can let their dogs off leash.  Some like to go in the water, but most don't.  In the photo above, you can see Abby and Donna J cooling off in the water.  Abby is the mother or grandmother of quite a few of the dogs that were at Pupapalooza.


Photo by Laurie Sanders

One of the things we enjoy most about Pupapalooza is the chance to see some of our puppies all grown up.  This is Oliver, Blue Elvis, and Anakin...  three siblings from our 2005 litter.


Photo by Irina

It's quite a sight to see these beautiful dogs running free on the beach!
Our local NBC-TV affiliate thought it was such a cool story, they sent a camera crew.
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Low Quality -  (641 KB)

This was our biggest Pupapalooza ever...  with about 50 Cockers and about 100 humans...  some of which Carol Patterson captured in this group photo:

Click here to see a very large version of the group photo.


chocolate Cocker Spaniels
Photo by Susan Ramaker

Four siblings reunited:  Rocky Road, Dusty, Cassie & Misty
Their mom, Lady, was at Pupapalooza, too...  but didn't get in this picture



Photo by Susie Danielson

Now that we've been doing Pupapalooza for several years, people from WAY out of town have heard about it and decided to come join in the fun.  Lucy set the all-time distance record, flying all the way from London, England.


Photo by Susie Danielson

You would think that by driving all the way out to California from Oklahoma, Cathie and her husband would have set some kind of Pupapalooza record...  but no!  Their trip was the second-longest drive...  after our friends, Janet & Butch from Ohio!

Photo by Susie Danielson

Juanita came all the way from Texas...  and in this photo you can see that she was considering smuggling one of our pups back in her handbag!  Our security team tackled her and broke several of her ribs shortly after this photo was taken.  (Just kidding!)


Photo by Carol Patterson

On Saturday night, after everyone scattered for a little dinner break, we all met back at the beach for a good old fashioned beach bonfire.  Thanks to the generosity of several of our friends who brought firewood, we were able to make a fire that was visible by the crew of the International Space Station.  (Just kidding again...  but it was a big fire!)


Want to see more pictures?  Please visit the Pupapalooza section of our forum where you will find lots more!  You can also see pictures from our March 2006 Pupapalooza here and pictures from the September 2005 Pupapalooza here.

Pupapalooza began as a reunion of our past puppies...   but you don't have to own a Zim family puppy to be able to attend.  We'd love to have you join us for the next one, which is scheduled for the weekend of April 28, 2007.  Feel free to bring your dog, but only if it's a Cocker!  Click here for more information about the April 2008 Pupapalooza.

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