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Cocker Spaniel Videos

A fun little collection of some of the
video clips I've posted of my puppies
over the last few years

Over the years, I've shot lots of short videos of puppies wrestling and older dogs doing cute things.  If you like Cocker Spaniels...  you'll love my video collection! 

On this page, you'll find some of my older, low-resolution Cocker videos.  If you want to see the newer stuff, which is in much higher resolution, head on over to my YouTube channel.

Click on one of the links below to see a video.

Morgan & Merlin's Puppies

4+ minutes -- 11.5 mb
A slideshow of the best pictures I
took of this litter from 2007

Tennis Ball Training
28 seconds -- 6.8 mb
A look at one method we use
to get pups to chase tennis balls!

The Spice Pups

41 seconds -- 4.2 mb
A few short clips of Joanna &
Merlin's pups at 17 days old

24 Day Old Puppies

34 seconds -- 4.2 mb
A litter of puppies plays together
and one even knows how to bark!

One Month Old Pups
59 seconds -- 5.5 mb
They're awfully fun, once you
finally wake them up!

Pupapalooza Slideshow

3+ minutes -- 17.4 mb
A slideshow of photos I took of people
at the October 2007 Pupapalooza

"Bless The Beasts" Slideshow

3 minutes -- 6.8 mb
A slideshow of some of the
best Cocker pictures I've taken

Fight!  Fight!  Fight!
67 seconds -- 7.1 mb
Three week old puppies
show off some amazing moves!

A Tribute To Abby

4 minutes -- 10.6 mb
A slideshow saluting
the best dog we ever had

Slideshow:  Mr. Blue

2.5 minutes -- 3.8 mb
A tribute to the pup
known as "Blue Elvis"

Will it go round in circles?

36 seconds -- 4.4 mb

Let's Hear It For Charlie Boy

4 minutes -- 5.9 mb
A slideshow salute to the big
pup from Abby's 2006 litter


10-week-old puppy rolls over
11 seconds -- 1.9 mb

3 sleepy puppies
40 seconds -- 2.9 mb

Off and running!
32 seconds -- 1.34 mb

Boys will be boys!
37 seconds -- 1.0 mb

Two puppies - one chew stick
68 seconds -- 1.89 mb

Charlie can't stop chewing
25 seconds -- 1.73 mb

A puppy doing some serious drinking
34 seconds -- 980 kb

Morgan is very patient
56 seconds -- 1.59 mb

Kung-Fu puppies
41 seconds -- 1.18 mb

26 seconds -- 1.4 mb

A puppy is born
25 seconds -- .5 mb

Kittens drive Reese crazy
30 seconds -- 1 mb

Reese is the brown-eyed girl
28 seconds -- .97 mb

Abby says PLAY BALL
33 seconds -- 1.5 mb

Puppies wrestling
17 seconds -- .87 mb

Sleepy puppies playing
14 seconds -- .5 mb

Our cat teases Joanna
12 seconds -- .5 mb

Morgan wants to get the cat
15 seconds -- .8 mb

Morgan Wants To Have Fun
13 seconds -- .89 mb

Our friend's puppy, Suzie
30 seconds -- 1 mb

Our friend's litter of puppies
22 seconds -- 1.4 mb

Wally swimming

9 seconds -- .7 mb

Morgan Plays Upside Down

11 seconds -- 1 mb

The Bubble Video

102 seconds -- 12.5 mb
See what happens when Cockers
are introduced to a bubble machine!

Pupapalooza Slideshow

2+ minutes -- 3.6 mb
A slideshow of photos of our friends
at the September 2006 Pupapalooza
My Best Friend Slideshow

3 minutes -- 7.7 mb
A slideshow for Kellyn to celebrate
our 27th wedding anniversary

There are even more videos posted on my YouTube channel.  Check it out!

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