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Here are the answers to the most common questions
that people ask me about Cocker Spaniels

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Here are some of the questions most frequently sent to me, along with a reply from my team of experts.  (The team being comprised of me, myself, and I.)  I'll start with the most common questions that I get (questions about buying one of our puppies) but if you want to skip ahead you can go directly to general questions about Cocker Spaniels (including training and health questions), questions about buying Cockers from other breeders, questions about getting in to breeding dogs, and questions about our web site.


A mis-marked solid color.
This is what happens when a parti is bred to a solid.
See the white markings on the snout, neck, and feet?
That's a no-no...  according to the breed standard.


Who says Cockers and cats do not get along?
This pup knows a good pillow when he sees it!
Owner:  Gene and Dawne Christy of Hi-Acre Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels and cats do sometimes make good friends
"Casey" with "Speedy" the cat
Owner:  Lana Poole -- Tell City, Indiana


Our girl, Morgan, with our cat, Socks


  • Why do Cockers always have their tails chopped off?

    Animated graphic of Cocker Spaniel wagging tail It's called tail docking, and there are actually a few reasons it is done.  It started back in the days when Cockers did a lot of hunting in the brush, and their tails would get full of burrs and thickets.  But there are still plenty of good reasons to dock the tail of a pet Cocker:

    First, Cockers wag their tail so vigorously that they can actually hurt themselves by either hitting their tail against their own body or by hitting it in to things such as walls or furniture.  Another reason is that a full, bushy tail tends to get dirty with fecal matter.  Finally, Cockers are a small breed with a BIG tail...  and it just plain looks goofy because it's out of proportion to their bodies.

  • That picture of the puppy with her tail wagging is so cute!  How did you do that?

    The picture is an animated .gif file.   I made it using animation software called JASC Animation Shop...  which, unfortunately, is no longer available.  It used to come bundled with Paint Shop Pro.  I've been a Paint Shop Pro user for a long time...  and have used it to edit and tweak many of the pictures on this web site.  You may have heard people talk about editing pictures with Adobe Photoshop.  Paint Shop Pro is almost every bit as powerful...  at about one fifth of the price!  Anyway, back to the question of how to make a picture with movement like the tail wagging picture...   find a software program that can create animated GIF files.

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