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More of the best pictures I took
of our 2004 litter of Cocker puppies

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Here are more pictures of our 2004 litter:

Please note:
All of the puppies in this litter have already gone to new homes.
These pictures are for your enjoyment only...
we do not have puppies for sale.

picture of almost five week old Cocker Spaniel puppy
Here's Dodger, the pup we've decided to keep.
We picked him simply because we like his coloring
but we've also noticed that he's extremely friendly.


The gentle giant from our litter of Cocker Spaniel puppies
Molly is a gentle giant...  this picture captures her personality well.
I woke her up from a nap on top of a stuffed animal toy.


digital photo of Cocker Spaniel puppy
Another picture of Dodger...  the puppy that we think is a real "keeper"!


Cocker Spaniel puppies in basket
We took all the puppies out on the lawn for some play time.
After Maddie and Chloe got all tired out from playing, they snuggled in this basket.
This picture is available in larger sizes here, for use as your Windows desktop background.


Reese and Joanna are fascinated with the puppies.
They're allowed to jump over the barrier, but choose not to
because the whole litter gangs up on them!


This is Chloe, taking a peek over the barrier.


One month old puppy drinking water
The bowls say "Deck The Halls With Bones And Tennis Balls".
Karen Blackwell sent them to me last Christmas as a "thank you"
after I gave her some advice on grooming equipment.
It's a gift that has been much appreciated!


This is Chloe, at one month old, all wrapped up in a furry blanket.


Four week old parti colored Cocker puppy
When I change the bedding in the Puppy Palace, the puppies wait in this box.
Freckles has a funny tendency to like to sit up and look out over the side of it.
I've noticed him doing it so often, that I decided I finally better get a picture of it.


All seven of our puppies at four weeks of age
At four weeks old, they quickly learned to enjoy solid food.


Maddie poses for a cute picture
Maddie at 26 days old, is just the most adorable little creature!
If someone could make a stuffed animal like this, it would sell like crazy.


25 day old Cocker puppies nursing
Things are getting crowded at the bar.
As the pups have gotten bigger, it's gotten more difficult to feed seven at a time.
Maddie's owner is planning to get her out in to the show ring,
so I have not been trimming Maddie's coat.  (She's 2nd from the left).


three and a half week old parti color Cocker puppy
Freckles shows off his one white ear.  The other one is black.
At 25 days old, the pups were getting strong and alert.
They were actually starting to look like dogs, don't you think?


Jim Zim with an armful of puppies
The pups are so cute, I just wanted to snuggle with them all.  So I did.
Our son, "Director Jeff", took this photo with his digital camera.


Three week old Cocker puppy poses for a portrait
Riley at three weeks old.
The coloring of his ears is much darker and more vivid than the other red & white pup.


With six siblings, you can't help but get a little puppy poop on your coat...
but a good bath does wonders.
Molly tolerated her first bath very well.


Are you lookin' at me?!?
At 11 days old, puppy #7 was the first to open his eyes.


Ten day old Cocker Spaniel puppies
I call these two the "dot heads" for obvious reasons.


One week old Cocker Spaniel puppy nursing
A pretty good close-up shot of a puppy nursing.  How do you like the white ear tip?
Notice the red coloring on Riley was just starting to become noticeable.


A litter of six day old Cocker Spaniel puppies nursing
Six days old here.  Notice the docked tails, and how the red coloring is barely noticeable on Dodger, third pup from the right.


Six day old puppy
Socializing the puppies is extremely important.  It teaches them to be very comfortable with people.  We make a point of having our puppies handled by as many different people as possible during the eight weeks they are here.  At six days of age, we introduced the puppies to the neighbor kids down the street.  This isn't a great picture of the puppy, but you sure can tell that little Natalie enjoyed our visit!


Four day old Cocker puppy being weighed
"We get weighed evewy night.  We wuv it!"


A two day old puppy sleeping on her back
At two days old, this girl was actually sleeping on her back and using a sibling for a headrest!
The black scab is all that remains of her umbilical cord.


Cocker Spaniel puppy at one day old
A close-up look at a one-day-old puppy


Newborn Cocker Spaniel puppies
Here are all seven puppies nursing, just a few hours after being born.
The birth process is a bit messy, as you can see from the stains on the mattress cover.

Now that the puppies have gone to their new homes,
the new owners have started sending me pictures.
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