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Kids with Cocker puppies

Our Breeding Philosophy

We're retired from breeding now, but during the 15 years our breeding program was active we learned to be responsible dog breeders.
The three most important things we did for our pups:
OFA & CERF testing to the parents, an extraordinary amount of socialization, and carefully choosing the right homes.

Read more about why we like to think that we were a cut above your average Cocker Spaniel breeder.

Meet the champion show dogs in our pedigrees

Our Heritage

We've got some very impressive champion show dogs in our pedigrees!  See pictures of some of the beautiful Cockers whose genes live on in our family's dogs.  If you appreciate a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel when you see one, you'll really enjoy this.

From our first litter of puppies

Our History

Jim has been involved with Cockers for well over 45 years now!  See some of dogs in our past, and read about the ups and downs of our breeding experience so far.

Meet Jim Zim of Grover Beach, California

Meet Jim

Everything you might want to know about the guy behind Zim Family Cockers.  Read Jim's life story, find out about life here in Grover Beach, California, and check out gazillions of photos taken with the various digital cameras he has owned.  Jim is not exactly shy!

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