A Look At Our
Famous Relatives

Meet some champion show dogs
from our pedigrees

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We knew that our dogs came from good breeding lines filled with many champion show dogs...  but we really didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it until we purchased a "coffee table book" about Cockers that another breeder recommended to us.

The book is called "The World Of The Cocker Spaniel" and it is written by Bill Gorodner and Lloyd Alton, two legendary Cocker Spaniel breeders.  It's a gigantic book...  over a foot tall, with over 600 pages, and most importantly over 1500 pictures of the most beautiful Cocker Spaniels you have ever seen.  (If you found my web site because you enjoy looking at pictures of pretty Cocker Spaniels, you have GOT to get a copy of this book!)

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So, here's the neat part...  as we were looking through the book, a few of the dog's names sounded vaguely familiar.   So we got out our pedigrees and, sure enough, we started noticing that our dogs have many relatives in the book!  So we decided to very methodically go through their pedigrees, and put a "post-it" tab on every page that had a picture of one of their relatives.  As you can see, their relatives are sprinkled all throughout the book!

And here's the neatest part of all...  (as if being related to that many great show dogs wasn't enough)...  the dog on the front cover of the book is even one of them!  That's Champion Ging's Alydar on the front cover, bred and owned by the book's two authors...  and he's Joanna's great Grandfather and Dodger & Morgan's great-great-great Grandfather!  Is that just too cool, or what?

Now, let me share with you a few pictures of our famous relatives from "The World Of The Cocker Spaniel".  Please note:  In case you're wondering why these dogs are so many generations back in our dogs' pedigrees, just keep in mind that the book was published in 1994!

Champion "Empire's Brooklyn Dodger"
Great-grandfather to Morgan and Dodger

Winner, "Best In Futurity"
Summer of 1990

"Winners Dog"
American Spaniel Club

Tagalong's Macho Man
American and Mexican Champion
"Tagalong's Macho Man"
Great grandfather to Joanna

His numerous awards include
"Best of Variety" at the
Westminster Kennel Club Show
Rexpointe Shazam
Champion "Rexpointe Shazam"
Joanna's great-great-great grandfather

The authors say that his offspring are
"some of the finest parti-colors of the 90's"

Champion "Terje's Thunderbolt"
Great-great grandfather to Dodger & Morgan

He had an amazing show career including
an all-breed best in show,
numerous specialty Bests,
dozens of Group placements,
and over 135 Best Of Varieties
"Frandee's Jazzercise"
Joanna's great grandmother

Never became a show champion
but her puppies were so outstanding
that she got included  in the book

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