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After our girl, Abby, delivered a beautiful litter of six black & white puppies, our web site featured a new photo of them each day for eight weeks.  I've whittled those daily photos down to my 24 favorites, and present them to your here in our Black & White Puppy Picture Hall Of Fame!  Due to the large number of photos, I've broken them up over two pages.  Even still, these pages will be a bit slow to load...  so be patient!  Once you've seen them all, vote for your favorite!  Here they are...  the cutest of the cute black & white Cocker puppy photos...  starting with the most recent photos first.

All six puppies on a bench
So that they would be as grown up as possible, we waited until the day before the first puppy was scheduled to leave before attempting this shot.
We took over 25 versions of this shot before we finally got all six puppies to sit still and face forward at the same time!

Chloe gets a hair cut
Just before her new owners came to pick her up, I gave her a nice trim.

The puppies look out the door of The Cocker Castle
I went out to check on the pups early one morning, and this is what I saw.

Max at seven weeks
He was always easy to identify in a crowd because of the mixed white and black fur on that one ear.

Chloe at seven weeks
I like the freckles, and the big blaze of white fur on her forehead.

Three puppies playing in our back yard
That's Chloe up on the bench, and Max (left) and Dot (right) on the grass.

Jim with Morgan (left) and Dot (right)
My eyes are not really that color...  it was a camera flash thing.

Dot on the food dish
When we say our puppies are on Puppy Chow, we really mean they're ON Puppy Chow!

Dot on the lawn
Dot was my favorite puppy to photograph, and I had to constantly remind myself to take photos of the OTHER pups!
I love the way the white hair on his forehead sweeps over to the side, and the way he is marked around his eyes.

Gateway with a chew toy
There's something funny about the way he was standing...  reminds me of a bulldog!

Yet another picture of Dot
I could not resist photographing that face.

Morgan with a Petsmart ball
Petsmart has a photo contest on their web site...  I sent this to them, but they never used it.

That's only the first 12 pictures in the Hall Of Fame...  click here to see the remaining 12 photos.  After you've seen them all, vote for your favorite!  If you've enjoyed the photos of our black & white puppies, be sure to also check out the pictures of our chocolate & white puppies.

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