More Photographs From
The Hall Of Fame

Classic pictures of parti colored
American Cocker Spaniel puppies

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Here are more photos from our Black & White Puppy Picture Hall Of Fame!  Once you've seen them all, vote for your favorite!  Be sure to also check out the photos of our chocolate & white puppies.

Morgan (left) and Max (right) at one month old
Notice that I had shaved Morgan's face, but not Max's.

Chloe at 26 days old
I loved the way the white hair on her forehead swept over to the side. 

Morgan takes a cat nap
Since we knew Morgan would be a keeper, we spent a lot of time getting her used to Socks, our cat.

Four three-week-old puppies
That would be Mrs. Zim with a lap full of puppies

All six pups lined up at the bar
It gets a bit crowded as the puppies get older.

Sleepy two-week-old puppies
I'm guessing this is Chloe and Dot

A big puppy yawn
This picture of a yawning two-week-old puppy reminded me of a sea otter,
so I inserted a sea otter photo in to the corner for comparison.

Chloe takes a little nap in the sunshine
Are those little pink pads on the feet just the cutest things, or what?!?

Close-up picture of a one-week-old puppy
Notice that the pigment in the nose had not fully come in yet.
I'm going to guess that this was either Chloe or Anna.

Our cat gets friendly with a four-day-old puppy
I was a little worried the cat would stalk the puppies like mice,
but he was actually very well behaved with them.
The puppy is Dot.

Abby takes a look at Chloe
The puppies were three days old here.

Morgan weighs in at 8.25 ounces
Notice that her tail had not been docked yet.
This was the day after being born.

Once you've seen all 11 photos on this page and all 12 photos on the first page of the Hall Of Fame, be sure to vote for your favorite!

Favorite Black & White Puppy Photo
Which is your favorite picture of the black & white puppies?

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