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More great photos of chocolate &
white Cocker Spaniel puppies

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Here are more photos from our Puppy Picture Hall Of Fame!  Once you've seen them all, vote for your favorite
and be sure to also check out our black & white Hall Of Fame, too!

Two puppies looking out of box
Two puppies looking out of their box
Don't you just want to grab one and snuggle with it?

Oreo resting on The Big Moose
Oreo resting on The Big Moose
Puppies love to lay together in a pile to stay cozy and warm.  I had already taken a lot of photos of all the pups together, so I decided to break these two away from the group.  Further down the page you will see the puppies piled together in their natural state. 

The Big Moose before hair cut
The Big Moose before a hair cut
I think Cocker puppies look a bit messy as the hair on their face grows out, so I prefer to frequently trim them.  Some of the puppies had hair cut three different times during their eight weeks here.

Bailey held in hands
Bailey held in hands
That would be Mrs. Zim holding Bailey for the camera

Cassidy belly up
Cassidy belly up
Her eyes had just recently opened up.  As you go down the page further in to the older shots, you won't see any open eyes.

The Big Moose gets a bath
The Big Moose gets a bath
The mother dog actually does a pretty good job of licking them clean, but sometimes we have to resort to more serious measures.

Lady with The Big Moose
Lady with The Big Moose
He was big compared to the other puppies, but not compared to his Mom.

Two puppies nine days old
Two puppies nine days old
Those big white blazes on their heads mostly disappeared as the pups got older.

Sleepy puppies on brown and white pillow
Sleepy puppies on a brown and white pillow
This is the puppies in their natural state...  all in one big cozy pile.

One week old puppies in basket
One week old puppies in basket
I only count six in this picture...  I don't know what happened to the other one.

Lady nursing 4 day old puppies
Lady nursing 4 day old puppies
Seven puppies in a row at the milk bar.  They rarely line up this neatly.  Lucky shot on my part!

Once you've seen all 11 photos on this page and all 12 photos on the first page of the Hall Of Fame, be sure to vote for your favorite!  After that, check out our black and white hall of fame photos, too!

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