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show quality Cocker Spaniel

Haylee, the champion show dog

She's the first one of our dogs to make a big splash in the show ring!  Haylee is a beautiful red & white parti girl from one of the top names in the Cocker show world, and she joined our family in April of 2009.  Read Haylee's page to learn all about how she became a champion show dog.

Our red and white parti girl

Joanna, a fantastic mother

This happy little red & white girl has a champion show dog for a father, and is the only one of our dogs capable of making puppies in four different coat colors:  red & white, black & white, chocolate & white, and sable & white!  Joanna has a way of charming everyone she meets, and seems to have a smile on her face in just about every picture.  She has delivered three litters of puppies, and is an excellent Mom who seems to really love having puppies to take care of.

Our home-grown Cocker Spaniel

Morgan, the leader of the pack

Morgan was the pick of the litter out of our 2002 litter, and the first Cocker that we ever raised all the way from day one to adulthood.  She's a very mellow dog with an easy-going personality... and she practically potty trained herself!  This girl has got great bladder control...  and if you've ever had a Cocker before, you know that isn't always the case.  The mother of two litters of puppies...  Morgan has now been spayed and retired from breeding.  She is the oldest of our dogs, and they all look up to her.

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Free High-Resolution Pictures Of Our Dogs

Here's a collection of some of the best photos I've ever taken with my various digital cameras.  I've sized them so that they'll be perfect as your Windows desktop background.  They're free for your personal, non-commercial use.

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