Joanna + Dodger's

Pictures from Joanna's second litter of puppies
born August 12, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of these pups have gone to their new homes already.

Here are the best photos I've taken of Joanna and Dodger's puppies, after the age of four weeks.
(For pictures of the pups from birth to four weeks old, click here)


The pups with their new owners...   just before heading down the road.


Juno likes these big orange chew toys!


Bentley and Finn think the big orange things are for wrestling on


Bentley tries on a Dodgers uniform


Just about seven weeks old in this picture


Juno was happy to spend almost the entire afternoon in this little lady's arms...
which is a good thing, because they're going to be spending a lot of time together


The way Bentley is posing in this photo just totally cracks me up!


Kasey, Juno, and Bentley at six weeks old.  There just wasn't room enough in the basket for Finn!


Bentley gets ready for bed time


Good night, Bentley!


Two days shy of six weeks old


Bently and Finn wrestling




Casey wins a wrestling match


40 days old


Finn wrestles with "Aunt Pipa"


Kellyn's foot makes a good pillow, if you're tired enough


An attempt at the obligatory wagon shot...  one day shy of five weeks old 


Enjoying some real food, at 29 days old 


For pictures of these pups from birth to four weeks old, click here

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