Joanna + Dodger's

Pictures from Joanna's second litter of puppies
born August 12, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of the pups in this litter have new homes waiting for them.

Here are the best photos I took of Joanna and Dodger's puppies, from birth to 26 days old.
(For pictures of these pups older than four weeks old, click here)

26 days old.  From left to right:  Kasey, Bentley, Mac, Juno 


Kasey looking awful cute after his first haircut  --  20 days old.


One day shy of three weeks old, the pups barely have the strength to stand up for a few seconds at a time.


Bentley is a great pillow!


As always, Joanna always looks happiest when she is in mommy mode.


Hanging out on our bed with Mo, our cat, at 16 days old.


Kasey dries off after a bath, on his two week birthday.


Taking a nap together...  at 13 days old


12 days old:  Juno


12 days old:  Bentley


12 days old:  Mac


12 days old:  Kasey


At nine days old...  how about some "Puppy Spooning"?


A family portrait...  taken at one week old


Four day old Cocker Spaniel puppies
At four days old, doing what puppies do when Mom is taking a break outside


2 day old Cocker Spaniel puppy
A picture of "Juno"...  short for Joanna's Numero Uno...  since he was the first one born.


Two day old Cocker Spaniel pup
This was the second pup born.  Formerly known as "Yahoo!", his permanent name is Bentley.


A Cocker Spaniel puppy at two days old
The smallest pup in the litter...  his temporary name is "Mac".


The last puppy born in this litter
This was the last pup born.  Formerly known as Dell, his name is now Kasey.


A picture of Joanna and her newborn puppies
In this picture, you can see how happy Joanna is about her newborn puppies


the puppies were just a few hours old in this photo
Even at just a few hours old, these pups knew instinctively how to nurse


A pile of young Cocker Spaniel puppies
On their first day outside of the womb, they feel safest in one big pile of puppies


Joanna watches as Kellyn holds the first born pup for a photo
As Kellyn holds the first born pup for a photo, Joanna keeps a watchful eye


For pictures of these pups older than four weeks old, click here

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