Joanna & Merlin's

Pictures from Joanna and Merlin's second litter
born on September 9, 2008

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Here are the best pictures I've taken of Joanna & Merlin's puppies, so far:
(newest pictures at the top)

Meg's face is getting lots of freckles


At seven weeks, Lulu stretches out and relaxes in the wagon


Lizzie says the best toys don't come from the pet store, they grow on trees


(left to right) Brewster, Lizzie, Lulu, and Angel...  at seven weeks old


Rosie (at seven weeks) was getting a lot of freckles on her face


Joanna has learned to relax on the lawn chairs, out of reach of puppy teeth


Is it just me, or is Meg always giving attitude to the photographer?


Lulu looked great after a hair cut, at seven weeks


Brewster, Lizzie, and Lulu


Rosie seemed very comfortable, belly-up on Angel's pink bed


To give the pups an outlet for their energy, we set up temporary fencing
on our front lawn every afternoon and let them run and play until they get tired


From this angle, it's hard to see the cleft lip on the right side of Angel's face


At seven weeks, Brewster was very interested in chasing tennis balls for me


The pups had a special visitor...  our grandniece, Gwyneth


Meg looks like she is giving a little attitude for the photographer


At six weeks, Lulu still doesn't have all the brown pigment in her nose quite yet


Angel's new owners bought this bed for her, and dropped it off so we could get puppy smells on it


Brewster takes a nap in Angel's new bed


complaining that I have not taken all of the toys out of the wagon and placed them on the lawn where they belong.


Rosie has all of her black nose pigment at six weeks


Meg woke up from a nap just long enough for me to snap this photo


Katie Kinsinger (part of Lulu's new family) had a whole lot of fun visiting the puppies!


Rachel Grove had a pretty good time with the pups, too!


Jennifer Grove took this cute picture of our girl, Meg.


Lulu looks even cuter than ever, after a haircut a few days ago.


The new haircut revealed that Meg is starting to get ticking on her back.


Here's Meg giving some "Cocker-tude" to the camera.


At one month old, this may be the last time they ever all sit still for a photo at the same time!


Yeah, we know...  Lulu is the cutest thing, ever!


Lizzie rests on Kellyn's legs










Joanna's puppies at four weeks old
Meg, Lizzie, Rosemary, and Angel at four weeks plus one day old


The pictures you see on this page were taken after the puppies were four weeks old.
To see the best pictures I shot of the puppies when they were younger than four weeks old, click here

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