Joanna & Merlin's

Pictures from Joanna and Merlin's second litter
born on September 9, 2008

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We were delighted with the puppies Joanna & Merlin made in 2006, so we bred them again in 2008.

Here are the best pictures I took of these pups, from birth to four weeks old:
(click here to see photos of these pups from 4-8 weeks old)

Meg exploring our front lawn on a beautiful October afternoon


Lulu (left) and Rosemary (right) snuggle up during one of their first adventures outdoors.


Joanna keeps a watchful eye on things while the pups get some fresh air.
Thanks to Julia for the "Joanna Bandana"!


At three weeks old, Meg still hasn't developed any freckles yet.
She's a "keeper"...  the pick of the litter, as far as we're concerned!



Cocker Spaniel Puppy - 18 Days Old
Brewster (formerly known as Pepper) is the biggest and strongest pup in the litter.
Here he is at 18 days old...  and nearly quadruple his birth weight!


A good look at the gorgeous sable coloring in the faces of Lulu and Meg
(16 days old in this picture, and triple their birth weights)


At two weeks old, Rosemary
takes a good look around


A close-up look at Cinnamon having dinner


Forum member Gail McMorran lives just a few miles away,
so she came over for a visit.  We put her to work feeding Angel!


Look at the milk slopping out the side of Angel's mouth!


Julie Kinsinger and her kids came up from Santa Monica to visit their new pup, Lulu.


Notice that at 12 days old Lulu's eyes were beginning to open


Lulu is already almost ready for a trim around her face


Just the four red & white pups...  at one week old


Save a place on your wall for the 2009 Zim Family Cockers Photo Calendar.
(Available December 2008)  This shot will be on it, I'm sure!



Talk about a tight-knit family!  Six days old here.
Lots of people have asked about whether Cinnamon, the pup on the bottom of the pile, is a sable.
I agree that the pictures do certainly make you wonder... but not in person.  She's a red & white.



Forum member Amanda D came down from Salinas to visit the pups
She was excellent at getting Angel to nurse



We switched to a new type of bottle for feeding Angel, and it works MUCH better than what we had before



Luna, the cute little girl next door, is totally in love with Angel



Four days old here
Angel, at the far left is bottle fed and cannot nurse
but she likes to rest with the other pups as they nurse



Cinnamon (left), Meg (top), and Lulu (right) at four days old



Cinnamon nurses while Lulu snuggles alongside



The pups got their tails docked at three days old


Our Veterinarian examines Angel, the pup with the cleft lip, while the vet tech watches over the other pups



This shot shows the red tint to Lulu's coat extremely well



 Angel has a cleft lip, that will be surgically repaired when she is about three months old.



In some of the photos, Meg and Lulu appear to be chocolate & white.
In this close-up of Meg's face you can clearly see the sable coloring.



 The puppies were less than 24 hours old here


click here to see photos of these pups from 4-8 weeks old

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