Joanna & SteveO's

Pictures from Joanna's final litter
Born on July 21, 2010

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Here are the best pictures I took of Joanna & SteveO's pups from birth to 4 weeks old:
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Joanna's puppies at 25 days old
(left to right) Jamie, Bonnie, Bella, Toby, Molly

See several videos I took of the puppies today by clicking here


Bella's new owners came to visit her today, and she was very alert and awake for them


Jamie is one of those dogs that just seems to look good in all the photos


Joanna lets the photographer know what she thinks of him


At 24 days old, the pups enjoy a good rumble


Toby tries to scare Bella off


Jamie at 24 days old


Bella looks like she's about ready for another shave around her face


Bonnie and Molly face off


Natalie (the cute neighbor girl) with Bonnie and Toby at 23 days old


Without the bread pan, there would be no way to get the pups to stay on the scale!


The red & whites at three weeks of age
(left to right) Molly, Bella, and Jamie


Jamie looking totally adorable at 3 weeks old


Bella and Jamie getting playful!
It lasted only a few minutes and then they ran out of energy and resumed their nap


Jamie @ 18 days old


When the pups were first born, I wrote in my notes that I could identify
Bella from Molly by the fact that Bella had white fur around both eyes.
As you can see in this picture of her at 18 days old, that is no longer true.


Natalie (also known as "the cute neighbor girl") and Jamie
The pups are 17 days old in this and the next few pictures


Natalie and her friend compared the smallest and largest pups in the litter
Bonnie (largest) on the left, and Toby (smallest) on the right


Gail McMorran brought Reese over to meet the pups


Joanna was completely comfortable with having her old friend,
Reese, in the room while she nursed the pups


The girls... (left to right) Molly, Bonnie, and Bella
They were 15 days old here


You can see a little bit of Toby's beautiful tan points in this photo of him at 13 days old.


I think Jamie was giving me the "I'd rather be sleeping" look here.


Toby relaxes on top of Bonnie.
They are 13 days old in this photo.


Joanna had a bath, and actually seemed excited about wearing a bandana.
When I took it out of the drawer, she started jumping at it as if she wanted it.
The pups were 11 days old in this photo.
(Left to Right) Bonnie, Toby, Molly, Bella, and Jamie


At 11 days old, the pups started to open their eyes a little bit.
This is Jamie.


Toby's eyes were open the widest of all the pups
but it's not apparent in this photo due to dark eyes against a background of black fur


All five pups lined up, at 11 days old.
(left to right) Toby, Molly, Bella, Jamie, and Bonnie


red & white Cocker Spaniel pups
The three red & white pups, at 8 days old.
(Jamie on top, Bella lower left, Molly lower right)


picture of black & white parti puppies
The three black & white pups, at 8 days old.
(Bonnie on the left and Toby on the right)


8-day-old Cocker Spaniel puppy


Taking a nice nap after lunch.
The puppies are five days old in this picture.


Molly latched on and refueling


Molly sleeping and being totally cute!
With her mouth cracked open like that, you'd expect her to snore!


This is Jamie, taking a nap on Joanna's chest.
Jamie has the most vivid coloring of three red & whites.


Connie's new owners had a great time snuggling with her.
Hopefully, by their next visit Connie will be more playful!


Two sides of Molly...
on her left side, a red ear and a red patch around the eye

on her right side, a marbled red/white ear and white fur around the eye

She was five days old in these two pictures


Two day old Cocker Spaniel puppies
Joanna with her puppies at two days old


2-day-old Cocker Spaniel puppy
If you look on the side of his face, around the ear canal, and at the base of this tail
you can see the tan markings are unmistakable on Toby


Playing with Cocker Spaniel Puppies
Two of the neighbor girls love coming over to play with the puppies.
We encourage it as a way to socialize the puppies to people.


1-day-old Cocker Spaniel puppies
Joanna looks pretty happy with her new litter.
They were one day old here.



Newborn litter of Cocker Spaniel pups
An image saved from our PuppyCam just a few hours after the puppies were born.


Click here to see pictures of these puppies from 4-9 weeks old


By the way...
The pup formerly known temporarily as Johnny now has the permanent name of Toby.
The pup formerly known temporarily as Loni now has the permanent name of Molly.
The pup formerly known temporarily as Nalani now has the permanent name of Jamie.


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