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Pictures from Joanna's final litter
Born on July 21, 2010

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Here are the best pictures I've taken of these pups, so far:
(click here to see the pedigree of these puppies as well as photos of the parents)


Toby...  one day shy of 9 weeks old...  looking very relaxed!


Molly stands by, on guard duty, next to the fence


Bella and Bonnie...  one day shy of nine weeks old.
By the way, this was NOT a staged picture!
They jumped up in the wagon totally on their own,
and sat and looked like that without any trickery by me.


A photo essay on games that 9-week-old puppies like to play:

The #1 most popular game is, of course, "chew on something"


Molly is quite good at the game of "chew on something"
but she can take it to an entirely different level...


"Chew on something and roll"


Now that they're strong enough to jump up in to the wagon on their own
another popular puppy game is "King Of The Wagon"


A variation on the game is "Queens Of The Wagon"


And finally there's "jump off the wagon"


Bella looking SO CUTE at 8 weeks old!


Yet another good shot of Bella


A very playful pose from Toby


You can barely see the specks of dirt around Jamie's mouth after he had been digging


Jamie, Bella and Molly at 8 weeks old


Molly has such a gorgeous face...  I love photographing her


Bonnie stands on guard duty outside the puppy playhouse


Jamie's face has a whole bunch of freckles on it now


Jamie seems more interested in balls than the other pups do


"Exhibit B" to support my statement about Jamie


Bella at 8 weeks old
No one could resist a face that cute!


Bella and Jamie compete for the same chew toy


At 8 weeks old, they will chew on just about anything!


Molly looking very cute at 7 weeks old
(but will the nose pigment every completely fill in?)


There was no way to get all five pups to pose for a picture in the wagon
but Toby was quite cooperative


Jamie and Molly posed for a wagon photo, too


Is it a chew toy, or a puppy cigarette?


Our next door neighbor, Luna, is wary of those sharp puppy teeth (for good reason)


But she knows to hang in there until the pup runs out of energy
and then it's all good after that


Toby gives a little attitude to the photographer


I love all those freckles that are developing on Jamie's face!


This is definitely a great face, and it will be fun to see pictures of Molly as she grows up.
I'm starting to wonder if she might always have some pink areas in her nose, though.


A funny photo that makes it look like Bella is going to just grab a toy and pull it out with her left paw


This is what I see in the morning when I walk in to the Puppy Palace!


Luna, the girl next door, having fun with Bella.


Toby gets some love from AnnaBella, who lives across the street


Meanwhile, her sister, Sam, snuggles with Bonnie


Lynn Walter, a delightful woman I work with at my "real job",
came over to meet the pups in person after seeing a million photos of them at my desk.


I'd say this is the best picture I've taken of Molly, so far.
She is six weeks old here.


Bonnie takes a break inside the little puppy house


Jamie and a wagon load of chew toys


Cheryl and Dan Ekstrand drove up from LA to visit with the pups


Molly tries to get some rowdy play going with Joanna


Molly offers free eyeglass cleaning services to Dan.
Compare this to the previous picture and see how different Molly looks from the two different sides!



Jamie having fun chewing on a leaf


Joanna completely ignores the little crocodile trying to nip at her


Jamie looking totally cute at six weeks old


Bella takes a little nap while the others play on the lawn


Another photo of Bella at six weeks old


Yet another photo of Bella


A very poor attempt at "the wagon shot"
Hopefully, I can get a better version than this one in the coming weeks


cute Cocker Spaniel puppy picture
Toby with Payton, the granddaughter of his new owners


Cocker Spaniel puppies in a wooden wagon
The pups pose for a photo-op at 5 weeks old


young girls snuggle with Cocker Spaniel puppies
The neighbor girls snuggling with the puppies


5 week old tri colored Cocker Spaniel puppy
Toby meets John, one of his new owners


adorable photo of girl with a Cocker Spaniel puppy
Some friends came over to visit the pups and brought their adorable daughter with them.
She had a great time snuggling with the pups, and my camera loved her.


black & white parti Cocker puppy
Here's Bonnie at 32 days old


red & white parti Cocker Spaniel puppies
Bella and Jamie


Cocker Spaniel puppies wrestling
Bella won this wrestling match with Bonnie


4 week old parti color Cocker Spaniel puppies
Another photo of Jamie and Bella at 32 days old


tri color Cocker Spaniel puppy
Everybody loves Toby and his spectacular tri colored markings


After an afternoon of playing on the lawn, Jamie ran out of energy


30 day old litter of Cocker Spaniel puppies
Joanna and the pups out on the lawn at 30 days old
(left to right) Jamie, Toby, Molly, Bella and Bonnie


black & white parti Cocker with tan points
After a hair cut, Toby's tan markings really popped


half face Cocker Spaniel puppy
Molly at 30 days old






For pictures of these pups from birth to 4 weeks old, click here


By the way...
The pup formerly known temporarily as Johnny now has the permanent name of Toby.
The pup formerly known temporarily as Loni now has the permanent name of Molly.
The pup formerly known temporarily as Nalani now has the permanent name of Jamie.


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