Morgan + Merlin

Pictures from Morgan's second litter of puppies
born May 5, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of these pups are now living in new homes.

Here are some of the best photos I took of Morgan and Merlin's puppies
when they were with us in May and June of 2007:

Madelena & Murphy in a photo that made it on to our 2008 Cocker Spaniel photo calendar
and was probably one of the best photos I've ever taken.
I had some help from some kids who were visiting the pups...
They stood just off camera and posed the puppies while I got the shot.


Murphy (left) & Katie (right) in another calendar-worthy picture


Murphy at seven weeks old


Look at all the freckles coming in to Sophie's face!


Louie looks serious!  He was seven weeks old here.


Katie on the left and Kelly on the right


Mirabelle (left), Kelly (center), and I'm not exactly sure who the one on the right is!


Natalie, the cute neighbor girl, keeping one of the pups warm on a foggy day


Look how Mirabelle is chewing on Madelena's ear!


It's a stampede!


Six weeks old and very playful now!


Kelly, one of the tri colored girls, at five and a half weeks old


The pup formerly known as Makenna, now known as Sophie




Mateo is easy to identify because of the freckle in the middle of the white blaze that runs up his face


Murphy, at five and a half weeks old


Mirabelle (left) and Mateo (right) on their one month birthday.
These two will be living with families in Santa Monica, and will spend a lot of time together.


A day shy of their one month birthday, the pups got haircuts.
This is the pup formerly known as Mucho Grande...   now known as Murphy.


The pup formerly known as Mia, now known as Zoey


Madelena's motto is "think BIG"


The tan eyebrows are really starting to show on Kelly, one of three tri colored pups in the litter


All nine pups in the wagon, at four weeks old
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A few of the puppies take a nap on Linda Stanley's leg


Mirabelle (left) and Mateo (right) at three and a half weeks old


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