Morgan + Merlin

Pictures from Morgan's second litter of puppies
born May 5, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of the pups in this litter have gone to new homes.

Here are some of the best photos I took of Morgan and Merlin's puppies from birth to three weeks of age:


Katie (left), Murphy (center), and Madelena (right)


Just past three weeks old, each of the pups had quadrupled their birth weight


Mateo at three weeks old


Makenna has unique markings and is easy to identify


Louie (left) and Murphy (right) at 17 days old


Two weeks old here
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Totally angelic, at five days old


Madelena on top, Murphy on the lower left, Katie on the lower right


Four days old


3 of Morgan's puppies at four days old
They're very cute when they nap together!


3 day old Cocker Spaniel puppies
Katie (left), Madelena (center), and Murphy (right)


Morgan with all nine of her pups
As the pups get bigger, it gets harder and harder to all squeeze in at the same time!


photo of 3 day old parti color Cocker puppies
3 days old


newborn Cocker Spaniel puppies
Here are all nine pups on the night they were born

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