Top 10 Signs Your Dog Is
Addicted To Tennis Balls

From the home office
in Grover Beach, California

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10. You own more than 20 tennis balls, but don't own a racket.
9.  You tell people that the ball accidentally got super-glued to your dog's tongue, and they believe you.
8.  Your dog gives you that "don't even think about taking this ball away from me" look.
"Champion Silverwood's Northern Light CD" -- Photo courtesy of Kelly Ladouceur
Kiss Me, Dog Breath!
7.  The only way you get Cocker kisses anymore is to stick a tennis ball on your nose.
6.  You don't see anything odd about the fact that half-sized balls are twice the price.
5.  In retrospect, Martina Navratalova would have been a better name than Buffy.
4.  Yellow dots all over your back yard.
3.  Two little words:  Fuzz Breath!
2.  If you look hard enough, you discover that every picture of your dog has a tennis ball in it somewhere.
"Zim's Lil' Lady" -- Photo courtesy of Marie & Don Ferguson
And the number one sign that your Cocker is addicted to tennis balls...
The dog has dropped so many in her food dish that she can't get to the food anymore!

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