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Here are the best pictures I took
of our 2004 litter of Cocker puppies

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Our only litter of 2004 was born on November 1st, and getting good pictures of them is half the fun!  There have been so many great photos...  this page is going to be a bit slow to download.  If you don't mind waiting, I think you'll enjoy this little collection!

Please note:
All of the puppies in this litter have already gone to new homes.
These pictures are for your enjoyment only...
we do not have puppies for sale.

This is the last good picture I got before the final puppy went to his new home.
Riley (the pup on the left) stayed a few days longer than the other puppies.
He and Dodger did EVERYTHING together after the others left.
I put three chew sticks on the bed, but Riley and Dodger both wanted the same one!
Click here to see a video I made of these two stealing the chew stick from each other.


I got this shot of Molly just a few minutes before she went to her new home.


The two red & white brothers, Dodger & Riley, who will live only a few miles apart.
Look at all those freckles on Riley's face!


Another look at Riley, and all those freckles!


It was warm and dry here on Christmas day, so the pups got to play in the yard.
This is Freckles, running around in his usual happy and energetic manner.
(Perhaps Riley and Freckles should switch names...)


Molly enforces the first rule of visiting our house.

Dodger is really looking good.  We're pretty sure we chose the right one!


The weather's been great here, and the pups have been able to play outside every day.
Here's Freckles running and having a good time!
The sun was going down, so getting a good shot of a running puppy was a real challenge.


These guys were tired from running and playing hard,
so they sat down for a minute to watch their siblings run and play hard!


Abby is no dummy, so she knows where to go when she doesn't want
a bunch of pesky little puppies nipping at her!
Surprisingly, even at 7 weeks, she still lets the pups nurse
for a few minutes each morning and evening.


The puppies turned 7 weeks old on Monday!
They move so fast now that the only easy way to get a picture is to
wait until they're just completely exhausted from playing.
Click here for a high-resolution version of this photo, suitable for use as your Windows desktop background.


Each of the puppies got haircuts several times while they were here.
Here's Freckles posing on the grooming table.
He really looks white from this angle!


Our cute 7-year-old neighbor came over to play with the puppies.
Here she is snuggling with Dodger inside the Dog Igloo in our back yard.


Freckles, Molly, and Riley are completely spent after a busy day!
The weather's been great, so they've been able to spend many hours playing outside.
By the time I got home from work on Thursday, they were too exhausted for photos!


Six week old Cocker Spaniel puppies
I got all the pups to sit in the Radio Flyer wagon...  just barely long enough to get this photo!
Click here for a high-resolution version of this photo, suitable for use as your Windows desktop background.


My friend, Carol Patterson, came over with a van full of
professional photo equipment and turned my garage in to a puppy photo studio!
It was a lot of fun, and I even learned a few tricks.
This is a picture Carol took of our boy, Dodger.


Dodger wishes the world a Merry Christmas
While Carol was snapping pictures with her Canon EOS-10D camera,
I snapped this picture over her shoulder using my Panasonic digital camera.
Once again, it's Dodger...  this time all dressed up for Christmas!


Another special visitor was this 3-year-old cutie.
Ironically, her name is Abby.
The puppy in the picture is Chloe.


View from inside the Puppy Palace
This is how the pups learn to use a Doggie door.
After a few days, I dropped the door down in to normal position.


Cocker Spaniel Puppy picture
Chloe really likes her older half-sister, Morgan...
which is ironic since they are marked so similarly that we used to call Chloe "Morgan Junior".
Here's Chloe giving Morgan a big kiss from outside the Dog Igloo in our back yard.


Cocker Spaniel sisters
Later, Chloe climbed inside with Morgan...  and enjoyed some snuggle time.
Chloe also likes to torture Morgan in ways that only a 5-week-old puppy can.
You can see what I mean in our latest CockerCam video, titled "We Are Family".


5 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy
We experienced some great weather here in December,
so the pups got to spend a few hours outside each day.
Freckles wedged himself between our house and our patio fountain...
which kept him still long enough for me to snap this cute picture!


Joanna guards the sleeping Cocker Spaniel puppies
While the pups took a nap in the Dog Igloo in our back yard,
Joanna stood guard on top.


CockerSpaniel puppy poses for a picture
Sara struck a majestic pose on the patio in our back yard.


photo of five week old Cocker Spaniel puppy
Here's Molly exploring our back yard.


red and white parti colored Cocker Spaniel puppy
This is Riley, formerly known simply as pup #7, at five-and-half weeks.
The two red & white pups still don't have all their black nose pigment yet.

What you've seen so far is just the first half of my collection!
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