Pedigree of our
February 2007 litter

Take a look at the dogs behind
Reese & Dodger's puppies

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Reese and Dodger's puppies

Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlin

LA Dodger Dog


red & white
Silver Star's
Red Hot Lover
red & white
Champion Gallant
Mark Lentz
red & white
Champion Marquis
It's The One
Marquis Black Shazam
Designer's French Lace
Champion Marquis
Gallant A Cut Above
Ch Far-Ace JPK Pretty Boy Floyd
Champion Marquis Superb
Champion Silver Star's
Red Ribbons
red & white
Ch Nosowea's N Wibs
Champion Homestead's Maverick
Ch Nosowea's No Place Like Home CD
Silver Star's
She's Like The Wind
Champion J-Don's XTC
Silver Star's Fire-N-Ice
Ready To Run

black & white

Champion Absolutely
Back To The Future
black & white

Champion Empire's
Brooklyn Dodger
Champion Terje's Thunderbolt
Harlanhaven's Heavenly Bliss
Champion Obie's
Champion Sespanir Make My Day
Obie's Crystal Lite

Time To Remember
black & white

Champion Savoy's
Circuit Breaker
Champion Amaja's Glitter Of Diamond
Amaja's A Rose In Spring
Champion Savoy's
Ms Emily
Champion Tagalong's Macho Man
Ha-bar's Breezie D Savoy CD



& white

KK's N Savoy's
James Cagney

& white tri

Champion KK's Kaylo
Tri N Parti Fudge

chocolate &
white tri
KK's Kimo Tri
De KoKo
Ch. Avanti's Dutch Boy
Ch. Merribark's Curtain Call
KK's Tri N Parti
Lil Ms. Kiwi
Ch. KK's My-Ida-Ho KuKuie Nut
KK's Koko Nut N Cream

KK's Keana
Koe Kai

black & white tri

Champion KK's
Choc O Late' Surprise
KK's Kimo Tri De KoKo
KK's Ellie Mae Boyle
KK's Eye of Iniki
Party On
Ch. Spinler N J-Don's Sir Outlaw
KK's Peaches And Cream

N Hi-Acre
Come Tru


Von Schminkey's

sable (black)

Cat Scratch Fever
Oak Ridge Clark Sable
Oak Ridge Ebullient Eva
Wake Up Lil' Suzy
Becndale's Cat Scratch Fever
Salow's Just Call Me Shandi

Special Dark

chocolate with tan

Coco Puff
Black Knight Cherry Brandy
Sweet Mandie Mae
Dolly Dawn
Becndale's Cat Scratch Fever
CK's Candy Kisses


Zim's LA Dodger Dog
The father, Zim's LA Dodger Dog
Owned and bred by Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlin


The mother, Wannie's Legally Brown
Bred by Lawanda Miskovsky of Wannie's Cockers
Owned by Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlin

Reese's Father, Cagney

Reese's Mother, Victoria

Dodger's father, Champion Silver Star's Red Hot Lover
owned by Bea & Hap Jones of  Jo-Bea Kennels


Dodger's Great-Grandfather, Champion Nosowea N Wib's Homestretch

A few photos of some of Dodger's other relatives
as seen in a fantastic book, "The World Of The Cocker Spaniel"

Empires Brooklyn Dodger
Champion "Empire's Brooklyn Dodger"
Dodger's great-grandfather and namesake

Winner, "Best In Futurity"
American Spaniel Club, July 1990

"Winners Dog"
American Spaniel Club, 1991

Dodger was the top living producing sire in breed history

Champion "Marquis It's The One"
another of Dodger's great-grandfathers

While most show dogs retire from the show ring
after a year or so, this dog was still out
there winning for years and years.
Tagalong's Macho Man
American and Mexican Champion
"Tagalong's Macho Man"
Dodger's great-great-grandfather

His numerous awards include
"Best of Variety" at the
Westminster Kennel Club Show
Tagalongs Macho Man
Another photo of
International Champion "Tagalong's Macho Man"
Dodger's great-great-grandfather

His owners, Bill Gorodner and Lloyd Alton,
(pictured on the right) are the authors of
"The World Of The Cocker Spaniel"

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