Products For
Cocker Spaniels

Here are several great products that
I recommend for Cocker Spaniel owners

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I get a lot of email from people who ask what kind of food I recommend for their Cocker, what grooming products to use, and where to find good deals on these products.  Here are some suggestions...


4 DVD set of the entire first season of "The Dog Whisperer"

Every dog owner should watch this!
Learn how to be "the pack leader" in your house.
Cesar gives great lessons on how to deal with typical dog problems.
The Zim family highly recommends this item!
Also available:  6 DVD set of the entire second season.

Advantage Flea Control

Available sizes:

For dogs 11-20 pounds(4 pack)
For dogs 11-20 pounds(6 pack)

For dogs 21-55 pounds(4 pack)
For dogs 21-55 pounds(6 pack)
4 foot tall pen
Excellent for confining Cockers.
They can't jump over this.
Detach connecting clips and use
it as a gate or room divider.
Or connect 2 or more pens
to make one big pen.

Rawhide Chew Sticks
Rawhide Dumbbells

Grooming Table

Extremely useful for doing your
own dog grooming.
Ask me about my trick for
trimming hairy Cocker butts!
  Andis electric clippers
Andis AGC-2 Electric Clippers

If you want to stop paying a
professional to cut your dog's hair,
these are the clippers you need.
Click here for additional help
with Cocker grooming.
spill proof water bowl
Spill-Proof Water Bowl

Keeps the ears out of the
water. 1/2 gallon capacity.
Great in the car, too.
Double Sided Brush

Use soft side on short hair
and use wire side on matted
or or long hair.

Poop Pick-Up Bags

Be a good neighbor and carry
one with you on walks.
Septiderm-V Bath

This is the shampoo that
we use on our Cockers.
It's an antiseptic shampoo
that's excellent for the skin.
It also does a great job of
getting the dogs clean.
Have a lot of dogs to bathe?
Buy it in a one gallon size!
Blue Buffalo dog food
Blue Buffalo Dog Food

An excellent dog food
for adult Cocker Spaniels.
We experimented with many
different dog foods over the years.
This one seemed to work the
best for our dogs.
Belly Band for male dogs
Have your male dog wear these
when he is inside your house,
until he is fully potty trained.

Ear-Proof Dog Food Bowl

Tall, thin design keeps the
dog's ears out of the food.

Chuck It! Ball Launcher
Toss tennis balls without getting
dog saliva on your hands!
Easily toss balls two to three
times the distance you could
throw them unassisted.

Replacement Clipper Blade

If the blade for your Oster or
Andis electric clippers is dull,
this is the replacement you need.
This ceramic blade runs cooler and
lasts longer than regular blades, too.
For other recommended grooming
equipment, click here!


These goggles for dogs are
great for keeping the sand
out of your dog's eyes
at the beach!

Lady & The Tramp DVD
The 1955 movie that made
everyone want to own a Cocker!
It's a classic, and a great babysitter
for your kids or grandkids.
Or get it cheaper on VHS.
A crate just the right size for a Cocker Spaniel
The right size crate for a Cocker
Just the right size crate for your
Cocker Spaniel.  Escape-proof!
Perfect for crate training,
and also for use in your car.

Jim Zim's book about Cocker Spaniels
My "coffee table book" about parti colored Cocker Spaniels

If you like looking at pictures of beautiful Cocker Spaniels,
you will love this book!
The book features 167 of the best Cocker Spaniel photos
I've ever shot, and shows them off in a 100-page hardcover book.

YYou can preview the entire book online, for free.

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