Information about our most recent Cocker Spaniel party
which was held the weekend of October 6, 2007

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A few times each year, we have a little party we call Pupapalooza.  It's a weekend long event that celebrates Cocker Spaniels and their owners.  We time these Pupapalooza parties to coincide with our litters of puppies...  so that all of our out-of-town friends can come meet our puppies just before the pups go to their new homes.  The most recent Pupapalooza was held the weekend of October 6th, 2007...  and was both a celebration of Joanna's puppies and a reunion of many of our puppies from previous litters, including Morgan's Puppies and Reese's puppies from earlier in the year.

Tom and Lisa Kirby at Pupapalooza at Port San Luis, California
Lisa and Tom Kirby, with their dogs Charlie and Casey, at the beach portion of our most recent Pupapalooza


Sophie gets in the water at Port San Luis during our puppy reunion
Sophie, one of the pups from Morgan's litter earlier this year, checks out the water at Port San Luis during Pupapalooza

To see more of the photos I shot at Pupapalooza, please download this slideshow.  The slideshow is my little tribute to some of the beautiful people that I got to spend the weekend with during Pupapalooza!  It's a 17 megabyte file in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format.  Due to the large file size, we only recommend you download it if you have a high speed Internet connection!  Even with that, it will take a while to download...  so please be patient after clicking the link!  The reason the file size is so large is that the slideshow features a LOT of high quality photos, and music, too.  Be sure to have your sound turned up.  I could have compressed the file smaller, but it would have lowered the picture quality of the photos...  and I wanted you to see them with good quality.  I hope you'll agree that it's worth the long download.

Our San Luis Obispo county Pupapaloozas have inspired many similar get-togethers in other parts of the country and even in the United Kingdom!  If you'd like to read about some of the other Pupapaloozas, take a look at this section of our forum.

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