Pictures from our August 2003
puppy reunion

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Here are pictures from our first-ever puppy reunion...  an event we called "Pupapalooza 2003".  It was held at an off-leash dog park near San Luis Obispo, Calfornia, in August of 2003.  Talk about a photo opportunity!  Here are some pictures:

Sylvia Vieira took this photo
This gives you an idea of the overall scene.  Cockers everywhere!
It was a warm sunny day...  so the dogs mostly stayed in the shade of the trees.
This area of the park is fully fenced, so everyone was free to roam off-leash.


Alicia Good took this photo
It was a lot like being at a petting zoo.
Everywhere you looked, there were great looking Cockers.


Mike Baird took this photo
A lot of the action was at the gate, where each new arrival got a big greeting.
This was Jake's arrival...  he is the father of all of the chocolate partis we've bred.


photo of two black & white partis with a blue merle
A wide variety of Cocker coat colors were represented...
including the unusual blue merle on the right.
Unfortunately, the photo doesn't really show his unusual coloring very well.


Another picture of the blue merle...  see the blue tint to the coat?
You can see Schuyler, one of our young guests, was having a great time!


Mike Baird took this photo
Here are a few of the red & white partis.


Joanna displays her easy going personality
Our pup, Joanna, was a huge hit.
She just loves sitting on laps, and there was no shortage of volunteers.


An outstanding chocolate & white Cocker Spaniel we bred
There were a few dogs that I looked at which just made me feel
that we had achieved "Cocker Perfection" with that one.
This is Misty, with her owner, Sylvia Vieira.


One of the best black & white Cockers we've bred
If you like partis, you would have loved Pupapalooza.
Black & white, red & white, chocolate & white...  we've got 'em!
This is Max...  one of Abby's handsome puppies.


Sylvia Vieira took this photo
One of the funniest moments was when Joanna jumped right in to an ice chest.
She must have been really warm, because as soon as we pulled her out of there
she would jump right back in again!


Photo of a Cocker puppy with a very thick coat
Riley is going to come to our house next weekend for a good hair cut!


Not the usual coat colors that we see at the Zim house
On the left, a blue merle with tan points.
On the right, one of her sons...
The only solid chocolate Cocker we've ever bred.


Sleepy puppy picture
In spite of all the activity around her,
Joanna finally just pooped out and took a nap.
Morgan did the same thing after a while.


Honorary Zim Cocker for the day
We had a few special guests...  not our pups, but special friends nonetheless.
This handsome solid sable boy is Logan, pictured here with his owner, Tina.
They drove for about six hours each way just to be with us!


A Cocker bred by our friend Sheena Wiseman
Another we can't take credit for is
Buffy from Morro Bay, looking good with her red bandana.

Another place you can see pictures of some of the dogs we've bred
is on our page of pictures sent to us by the new owners of our pups.

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