Reese + Dodger

Pictures from Reese's first litter of puppies
born February 23, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of the pups in this litter have homes waiting for them.

Here are more of the best photos I've taken of Reese & Dodger's puppies.
These pictures are in reverse chronological order, starting at about 4 weeks.

(click here for pictures of these pups from one month old and on)

Grover checks out Mo, our cat


A close-up look at Grover, one day shy of four weeks old


The whole family...  Mom, Dad, and the pups...  at three weeks old


Hanging out with Dad


18 days old


Does that look cozy, or what?


I tried and tried to get all five pups to sleep "belly up" for this photo.
Addison just wouldn't do it, no matter what I tried!


Here are the pups at two weeks old, hanging out with our cat, Mo.
Once the pups get a little older and rowdier, I don't think I'll be able to convince Mo to spend time with them!
But at this age, it works fine.  Reese likes Mo, so she has no problems with it at all.


Individual pictures of all five of the pups, at ten days old.
It's fun to see how the black nose pigment comes in over time.


This is Grover.  If you don't think this picture is cute, you don't like puppies!


All five of the pups, at one week old


Alana (top) and Grover (bottom)


Reese eyes Mo, the cat
Mo, our cat, pays a visit to the Puppy Palace


five days old
At five days old, taking a nap with full bellies, just before getting their tails docked


Kellyn with Reese and the puppies
Kellyn with Reese and the puppies at four days old


two day old Cocker Puppies
Reese nursing the puppies at two days old


newborn Cocker Spaniel puppies
The pups were less than 12 hours old in this picture


Here are pictures taken shortly after each of the pups was born:

Pup #1 - A male
Half of his face is white and half is black.
His name is Grover, and he belongs to Lori & Fred Humphrey.


Pup #2 - A male
He has symmetrical markings on his face
and more black fur than any of the pups.
He belongs to Julia Fischer.  No name yet.


Pup #3 - A female
She is easy to identify because, even at birth, she had almost all of her nose pigment already!


Somewhat unusual markings on the back of #3
We are temporarily calling her "Kirby"


Pup #4 - A female
Easily identified by the black dot in the middle of the head.
Her name is Alana, and she is owned by Ariel Reid.


Alana (pup #4) has very evenly distributed areas of
black fur and white fur.  It also looks like
we see the beginnings of ticking on the back.

Pup #5 - A female
Easily identified by the big white V on the top of the head.
Owned by Angela Nickerson, who has named her Lucy.


Lucy (pup #5) has a lot of black fur
and not as much white as some of the others

Click here to see the pedigree of these puppies.

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