Reese + Dodger

Pictures from Reese's first litter of puppies
born February 23, 2007

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Please do not write to us asking to adopt one of these puppies.
All of the pups in this litter have gone to their new homes.

Here are some of the best photos I took of Reese and Dodger's puppies:

Here all all the new owners with their puppies, on the weekend they went to their new homes


Do you know which of Reese's puppies this is?  If not, you don't know Jack!


Yet another good photo of Jack taken on the same day!


Grover at 8 weeks old


Who could possibly resist these two faces?!?
Lucy (left) and Grover (right)


Lucy tugs on Pipa's ear


Addison, at seven weeks old


Lucy gets the most interesting expressions on her face sometimes.
As she gets older, she is reminding me more and more of Morgan.


Alana having fun on the lawn


Jack having fun with my shoelace!


Puppies this age love to chew things, so we keep lots of chew toys around.
If you don't do that, they just chew on each other instead.


Pipa is still a puppy at heart, and still loves those chew toys!
Grover (and all the pups) love Pipa.


Alana at seven weeks old


Jack says:  "No photos, please...   I'm a little tied up right now!"


Reese doesn't seem too thrilled about nursing the puppies at six weeks old


Grover at six weeks old


Lucy - six weeks old


Alana (left) Grover (bottom) and Jack (right)


Grover and Jack could have used a quick facial trim before this photo session!


Grover - 5+ weeks old


At 5+ weeks old I figure I was lucky to get three looking towards the camera at the same time!


From above, you can see the freckles that have run together on Alana's back to form a #7


Closeup of Alana's face


Captain Jack Spaniel - 5+ weeks old


Side view of Alana


Lucy was camera shy for this picture


Addison - 5+ weeks old
She has a blade of grass hanging out of her mouth!


Grover - almost five weeks old


Lucy - almost five weeks old


Captain Jack Spaniel - almost five weeks old


Alana - almost five weeks old


Addison - almost five weeks old


A bonus picture of Grover, because the camera loves him!


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