Jim Zim's
Cocker Spaniel Tips

What I've learned after
45+ years with Cocker Spaniels

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I've had Cockers in my life since the 1960's.
Along the way, I've learned a few things!
Please keep in mind these tips are written for people
who are interested in pets, not show dogs.

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Tips on buying a good Cocker Spaniel puppy

Tips On Buying A Cocker Puppy

Looking for a Cocker Spaniel puppy?  Having trouble finding breeders near you?  Want to know what to watch out for so you don't get stuck with a bad dog?

Cocker Spaniel Tips

Tips On Raising A Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Did you just recently acquire a Cocker puppy?  Need ideas on how to raise the puppy so that you will have a great Cocker?  Need advice on how to deal with chewing, how to properly exercise your dog, or how to win the battle with fleas?

Potty training tips

Potty Training Tips

By far the biggest challenge facing owners of Cocker puppies is getting the dog housebroken.  Here's what I've learned over the years regarding potty training.

Tips on Delivering a Litter Of Puppies

Have a pregnant dog?  Worried that you won't know what to do when it's time for the litter to be born?  We share lots of information that we've learned after years of delivering Cocker puppies.

Tennis ball addiction

How To Tell If Your Cocker Spaniel Is Addicted To Tennis Balls

One thing that lots of Cockers have in common is a fondness for retrieving tennis balls.  Find out how to tell if your dog's passion for tennis balls has crossed the line in to obsession!

If you're looking for a Cocker puppy right now, check out my list of frequently asked questions.  You'll find some helpful information there.

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