Welcome to Jim & Kellyn Zimmerlin's Cocker Spaniel web site...  which most people simply call Zim Family Cockers, or simply Zim's.  For 15 years, Jim and Kellyn were breeders of American Cocker Spaniel puppies, until retiring from dog breeding in 2010.

This site is full of information about the American Cocker Spaniel and also features hundreds of photos of the adorable puppies the Zims have raised over the years.

Scroll down the page to see a lot more.  Learn how to beat those horrible ear infections, find out about the Cocker grooming videos that will teach you how to do those haircuts yourself, and enjoy all the great Cocker pictures!

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General Information About The Breed

If you've never owned a Cocker before, but you'd like to find out more about the breed...  this is the page for you.  I've put together some basic information about both the good and bad aspects of the breed...  plus, there are photos that show just about all of the various coat colors that Cockers come in.

click here to learn about our grooming DVD

How To Groom An American Cocker Spaniel

My instructional video about how to groom a Cocker Spaniel is available for viewing!  I used to sell this video on DVD for $30, but now you can watch it for free.  This video will be useful to just about anyone that owns a Cocker Spaniel.  It shows you how to do your own Cocker grooming so that you can stop paying the big bucks to professional groomers.  Find out about what equipment you have to have to get the job done, and learn the techniques you need to do a good job.

Click here for Cocker Spaniel ear cleaner recipe

How To Prevent And Treat Ear Infections

Almost every Cocker Spaniel will have problems with ear infections during his/her lifetime...  some so severe that they could require surgery.  Many Cocker owners have spent big bucks at the vet treating ear infections, only to have the infections return over and over again.  I share the not-so-secret-recipe for an ear cleaning solution that will completely solve this problem for most dogs.

Cocker Spaniel Tips

Tips About Cocker Spaniels

Looking for a Cocker breeder near you?  Trying to potty train your new puppy?  Need advice?  Check out my tips on buying a Cocker puppy, tips on raising a Cocker puppy, potty-training tips, tips on delivering a litter of puppies, how to be a responsible breeder, information about how to prevent ear infections, and an amusing list of the top ten signs that your Cocker is addicted to tennis balls.

black and white parti color Cocker Spaniel pictures

Pictures of some of the previous litters of Zim puppies

Hundreds of adorable pictures of our pups from the last few years, with commentary from the photographer.  Sit back and be entertained by some great photos of cute Cocker Spaniel puppies!

Click here to learn more about Zim Family Cockers

All About Zim

Take a minute to meet Jim Zim, learn about his history with Cocker Spaniels, and learn about the breeding philosophy embraced during the 15-year-long breeding program of Zim family Cockers.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Cocker Spaniel Rescue

If you're looking for a Cocker to add to your family, and you don't want to put up with potty training and all the chewing that goes along with raising a puppy...  you might want to consider rescuing an adult.  Let me explain how to locate Cockers in shelters near you.

click here to find out about the Cocker picture book

The Cocker Photo Book  Download to your iPhone or iPad for just $2.99!

I've taken so many great photos over the years that it finally dawned on me that I had the basis of a great coffee-table book.  You'll find all the photos that I'm most proud of in this 100 page book called "Parti Color American Cocker Spaniels (and the people who love them)".  You can preview the book online for free, and if you like it...   you can order a real hard copy for yourself, or download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Click here for free Cocker wallpaper pictures

Free Cocker Pictures For Your Computer Desktop

Here's a collection of some of the best photos I've ever taken with my various digital cameras.  I've sized them so that they'll be perfect as your Windows desktop background...  and I've included instructions on how to turn them in to a screensaver slideshow, too.  They're free for your personal, non-commercial use...  but if you want to use these pictures for anything other than your desktop background, you need to get my permission first, OK?

frequently asked questions about American Cocker Spaniels

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions I seem to get over and over in my inbox!  Save us both some time and read this first before you email me.

Click here for Cocker Spaniel Products

Products Recommended for Cocker Spaniel Owners

There are several products such as flea treatments, grooming tools, and chew toys that will make the life of a Cocker owner a whole lot easier.  Learn from our experiences over the last 30+ years and try some of the products we wouldn't want to live without!  If you've ever wondered things like "what size crate should I use?" or "what kind of electric clippers work best?", this is the page for you.

Click here to watch Cocker Spaniel videos!

Cocker Spaniel Videos

Over the years, I've shot a lot of video of our dogs and our puppies playing and having fun...  and made a lot of slideshows of my still pictures.  Browse through my collection, and enjoy!  But keep in mind that a lot of these videos and photos were created back in the 1990s and are very low resolution by today's standards!

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