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Joanna & SteveO's Puppies

After 15 years of breeding Cockers, the final litter of Zim pups was born in July of 2010.  WOW, was this a great litter of pups!  So cute, and extremely healthy, too.  A black & white parti, three red & white partis, and one of just a few black & white tris in the history of our breeding program.

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Photos of Joanna & Merlin's pups

Joanna & Merlin's Puppies (2008)

A very special litter...  featuring four adorable red & white puppies plus the only sable & whites we've ever had!  These six pups were born on September 9, 2008.

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Photos of Joanna & Dodger's pups

Joanna & Dodger's Puppies

Four gorgeous red & white puppies (Dusty, Bentley, Finn & Kasey) born on August 12, 2007.

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Picture of two of Morgan's puppies

Morgan & Merlin's Puppies

The largest litter we've had in quite a long time...  nine puppies, born on May 5, 2007.  We had a nice mix of both red & whites and black & whites in this litter.

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Reese with her newborn puppies

Reese & Dodger's Puppies

Five puppies, and not a single one with mom or dad's coloring!  If you've spent much time on our forum, you'll probably recognize the names of the puppies in this litter:  Grover, Captain Jack Spaniel, Addison, Alana, and Lucy.  They were born on February 23, 2007

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Parti colored Cocker puppies

Joanna & Merlin's Puppies (2006)

This litter brought us three red & white pups that look a lot like mom, plus a special bonus:  the only chocolate & white tri colored puppy we've ever had in any of our litters!  These pups were born on July 16, 2006.

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Abby's 2004 litter of puppies

Abby & Tommy's Puppies

This is the litter that brought us Dodger, who grew up to become the King around here!
Seven great puppies, born on November 1, 2004

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black and white parti color Cocker Spaniel pictures

Abby & Tanner's Puppies

Using a stud dog from our friend, Julie Hydro, we got a litter of six beautiful black & white parti puppies.  We kept one pup from this litter...  our girl, Morgan.  We sometimes refer to this litter as the "Black & White Hall Of Fame" litter.
These pups were born on August 27, 2002

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chocolate and white parti color Cocker Spaniel photos

Lady & Jake's Puppies

This goes back to the days when we had two chocolate & white dogs, Lady & Jake, and they made several litters of chocolate & white puppies.  This litter, born on March 2, 2002, is the one we sometimes call our "Chocolate & White Hall Of Fame" litter.

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